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Granite Creations has over a hundred different colors so that you can find the best match for your own kitchen or bath. View samples of some of the colors we carry, or make an appointment to see our entire color range.

d71b38823cceafedfedc86ed4cb5996b.jpg d71b38823cceafedfedc86ed4cb5996b.jpg 36003b114601123cb39ebc8928e6d78a.jpg 655f9f004282a249386a195694982066.jpg f1c46ab366f135b470cb676036f90ef9.jpg
Albastrino Amber Angelica Angelica Coral Angelica Gold
bd736b9feb44e8b775ce933ac609a786.jpg bd736b9feb44e8b775ce933ac609a786.jpg 2a7e032d20de5b5252bed68d431df70c.jpg 8e061ca7074cfc67faccc919fdc97b13.jpg 3051cdb8634cbb84a388fb4d9cf9dfc4.jpg
Crater Cremino Beige Durango Antique Durango Commercial Durango Cream
ccfa32fee003b32bc79b5413f458b56c.jpg ccfa32fee003b32bc79b5413f458b56c.jpg 236ed1da42ffe7e0d59fba83913480d4.jpg b8ea68c9d38315ce1488887a653ee801.jpg 997cc9c9fa703012f6dbb8ac35ccbc9c.jpg
Durango Premium English Walnut Golden Sienna Mesquite Taupe Navona Travertine
f2166be4cfc92f989f16d211f83ab103.jpg f2166be4cfc92f989f16d211f83ab103.jpg bd0572f3ad4c0048d9bbdd5a1cbfb557.jpg d26154e7a46d7a59f033074ef9edd29d.jpg 1516bccb75ffbf0394ebd53d2ff5de9d.jpg
Noche Alpaca Philadelphia Philadelphia Dark (Discontinued) Porcini Puebla

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