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Granite Creations has over a hundred different colors so that you can find the best match for your own kitchen or bath. View samples of some of the colors we carry, or make an appointment to see our entire color range.

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Green Marinace Green Olive Green Peace Green Pearl Hawaiian Blue
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Hawaiian Bordeaux Juparana Arandis Juparana Beach Juparana Classico Juparana Delicatus
44cd215fa64f114bdd001e0aa9e33b85.jpg 44cd215fa64f114bdd001e0aa9e33b85.jpg 7fc97a2ab3942b5fe1738cd8fbb1ee97.jpg ef48d6af32c4224645b56cf0e9eded2e.jpg 3042bce21bcee7bfc9fc44610c1cb906.jpg
Juparana Florence Juparana Persa Juparana Persia Juparana Romance Kashmir Gold
65972cfc1756160275e0731dc6249cd9.jpg 65972cfc1756160275e0731dc6249cd9.jpg 0d92ee219e2bca4c762695e67a530fd2.jpg 6007573e18d67fa0e3be9cce0b3be974.jpg 09a7d69123b5bdefdda36009153ebdec.jpg
Kashmir White Key West Gold Kinawa Labrador Antique Labrador Galaxy

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