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Granite Creations has over a hundred different colors so that you can find the best match for your own kitchen or bath. View samples of some of the colors we carry, or make an appointment to see our entire color range.

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Canadian Gold Capalavoro Capella Carioca Gold Champagne Gold
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Cinnamon Gold Cobra Green Coffee Brown Colombo Juparana Colonial Cream
ea27e20819d8bc28f0c02453d85ce0e2.jpg ea27e20819d8bc28f0c02453d85ce0e2.jpg e9b17400b5f38b378b849027b0c5f8f5.jpg 336471c2d6004315c6382fe10301892d.jpg d120f00e58698caae54b6ec1ea00d400.jpg
Colonial Fantasy Copper Silk Costa Esmeralda Crema Bamboo Crema Bordeaux
044323dcee519a06311c224b6fec4094.jpg 044323dcee519a06311c224b6fec4094.jpg 2339887a8ce9deacd9c6f9dfe692840f.jpg 85f428024da6b72848da4942d300198f.jpg dbf23624d0a5335a02a8fc535cfc893e.jpg
Crystal Gold Dakota Mahogany Delirium Desert Brown Desert Dream

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